Safety Tips


In order to have a safe and enjoyable stay in our country, Guatemala´s Tourism Board and the National Program of Tourist Assistance suggests you to follow these recommendations:

Plan your trip with enough time in advance

This will allow you to obtain more information about the different destinations and tourist attractions so you can plan the activities you want to do during your vacation.

Travel with a group

Travelling with a group is always pleasant, it allows you to share and expand your experiences, meet new people and even minimize some costs. It also helps you to guarantee your safety and all the group members.

Make copies

When we are on vacation we have fun, we get to rest, be relaxed and calm. Sometimes because of this easy feeling we pay no attention to our personal belongings. This is why you should make copies of all your travelling documents and keep them in a safe place (e.g. the safe in your hotel room).

Distribute your money daily

Just as the previous recommendation, we suggest you to carry only the amount of money that you think you will use during the day. You should keep the rest in a safe place.

Debit or credit cards.

We recommend that you carry only the ones that you may need during the day. If you have more than one decide which one is best according to what you have planned to spend. We also advise not to accept any help from strangers when you are withdrawing money from the ATMs. You should check that the ATMs are not altered, so you can avoid any case of card skimming.

Money exchange

Exchange your money only at banks. Avoid exchanging money at informal houses or street posts.


We recommend using only the taxis that are properly identified. Also, we recommend the taxis identified as “Taxi Seguro – Safe Taxi”. They are trained in tourism topics through the National Program of Tourism Assistance. Since most of the taxis in Guatemala do not have a fare calculator you can negotiate the fee.

Hotels and other services

When staying at a hotel, obtaining services from a tour operator, or enrolling in a Spanish or Mayan Language School we recommend that you do it in those properly authorized by the Guatemalan Tourism Board. If you have any doubts, please contact us. It will be a pleasure to advise you.

Parks, archeological and sacred sites

During your visit to the different sites or parks you should remain within the designated areas. You should also follow your guide`s instructions, put the garbage in the right place or keep it until you can throw it away. Respect all sacred sites and enjoy of our antique and legendary Mayan Culture.


Always keep contact numbers for local information such as your Embassy, Consulate and the number of your insurance company.
¿More info? Do not hesitate to call our corporate call center 1500 or write to proatur(at)inguat(dot)gob(dot)gt. You may also find and follow the latest news and recommendations on Facebook (Tourist Assistance) and Twitter (@asistur)
Enjoy your visit in Guatemala