INGUAT's Tourism Assistance Department, in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, through the Tourism Security Division -DISETUR- , provides security guards depending on the logistical and human resources available at the time the request is made or the availability of police forces in the interior of the country.

Call Center 1500, liaises with Delegates of the Department of Tourist Assistance and DISETUR, to provide security to all companies or persons engaged in tourism activities in the various destinations, so that people feel safe during their visit to the place.

Requirements to apply for Custodies

1. Fill out the application form, with 72 hours in advance request it to 1500custodias@inguat.gob.gt

Permanent Custody

A specific police unit with two agents, provides permanent custody during the entire tour of the group. (The interested party will provide fuel, food and lodging for the designated agents).

NOTE: Fuel will be calculated at a rate of 50 kilometers per gallon. Food and lodging will be covered in the same restaurant and hotel used by the group, or in an adjacent one.

Custody request form

Telephone numbers of contacts in Call Center 1500

Mónica Adelaida Castañeda Morales
Call Center Manager 1500
2290-2800 Ext. 1511
WhatsApp: 5188-1819

Christian Andrée López Ramos
Call Center Operator
2290-2800 Ext. 1512

Daniel Fernando Muñoz Rosales
Call Center Operator 1500
2290-2800 Ext. 1513

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